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Every time I run G28, my z-offset changes dramatically


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Clockwork 2
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Hello everyone, I could really use some help. I'm running my v2.4 with auto_calibrate_z, sexbolt + klickyprobe.

So, the printers has been fully heat soaked, qgl (with g28 on both sides of it), bed mesh created.... When I run calibrate_z it works perfect...

// Z-CALIBRATION: ENDSTOP=-0.020 NOZZLE=-0.032 SWITCH=7.084 PROBE=7.144 --> OFFSET=-0.201875 // Z-CALIBRATION: ENDSTOP=-0.020 NOZZLE=-0.034 SWITCH=7.087 PROBE=7.147 --> OFFSET=-0.204375 // Z-CALIBRATION: ENDSTOP=-0.020 NOZZLE=-0.038 SWITCH=7.087 PROBE=7.147 --> OFFSET=-0.208125 // Z-CALIBRATION: ENDSTOP=-0.020 NOZZLE=-0.038 SWITCH=7.087 PROBE=7.148 --> OFFSET=-0.206875

however when I run G28 inbetween it causes massive differences in my offset

// Z-CALIBRATION: ENDSTOP=-0.020 NOZZLE=-0.116 SWITCH=7.079 PROBE=7.127 --> OFFSET=-0.297500 G28 // Z-CALIBRATION: ENDSTOP=-0.020 NOZZLE=-0.021 SWITCH=7.164 PROBE=7.226 --> OFFSET=-0.188750 G28 // Z-CALIBRATION: ENDSTOP=-0.020 NOZZLE=0.054 SWITCH=7.156 PROBE=7.215 --> OFFSET=-0.116875 G28 // Z-CALIBRATION: ENDSTOP=-0.020 NOZZLE=-0.032 SWITCH=7.084 PROBE=7.144 --> OFFSET=-0.201875

The only thing I noticed was when I run G28 it says "Z too low, performing ZHOP"

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm completely stuck
The klicky mount on the toolhead is secure? I had mine come loose and cause the same issue in the past.