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Question Filament battles - What is you experience with Prusament ASA?


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What has been your experience with printing both for and on your voron.

Do you like the color selection?

Does it print well?

Any special considerations?

Is it worth the price?
It's a nice ASA. Prints well and doesn't smell much, although I've only printed it on my MK3S+ with the profiles built into PrusaSlicer. I've only used the black variant, though.
Personally, I wouldn't buy it on its own, only if I'm already ordering other stuff from Prusa or Printed Solid, due to shipping costs. Not counting shipping, the price is fairly decent though, especially because Prusament tends to be consistently high quality.
Nicest ASA I have personally used. If it were cheaper I would use it more often :)
It's very good, I would say it prints really really well and warps less than is usual for these types of materials. Smells less too. Requires some higher temperatures (manufacturer's recommended is 260 degrees).

Color selection is not optimal though - just blacks (jet and Galaxy with glitters), natural, orange, signal white, blue and red. The red is really nice though, one of the nicer reds I have seen in ABSes. Signal white prints really well too - in general whites are not recommended, but this one is OK. Their filaments have more matte finish.

Price is not optimal, but it's quality product. I'd recommend this to beginners.
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