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Question Filament Battles- What is your experience with esun ABS+ (not ABS)


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What has been your experience with printing both for and on your voron.

Do you like the color selection?

Does it print well?

Any special considerations?

Is it worth the price?
My guilty pleasure is the surface finish of Esun ABS+, especially the black stuff.

1. Color selection is fine, not outstanding though.
2. Prints very well and easily.
3. Will not be the same as normal ABS, whatever additives are in there make it behave differently to pure ABS in printing, temperature resistance, and layer adhesion.
4. Was real cheap for me in China, your prices may vary but IMO its worth it.
Do you like the color selection?

I only have bought black, wish there were more colors available. I do like the matte finish.

Does it print well?

It prints very well and some of my best prints came from esun abs+.

Any special considerations?

Sticks very well, does not need very hot temps to print with.

Is it worth the price?

When I bought spools, it was under $20 a spool. During the pandemic it was hard to find and prices went up. Moved on to other brands. However, my 2.4 and Switchwire are printed in it. So keep a few spools for backup until rebuild time.
I've printed about 350kg of abs+ black and it is my favorite black. From time to time I see people complain that it is not strong or they have print issues, but that has not been my experience at all. It has a very flat black appearance that looks really awesome in a built printer.
I use eSun ABS+ exlusively, never had the slightest issues with layer adhesion, bed adhesion or diameter variation. From what I gathered from reports, most people that did experience problems bought from non-reputable vendors or at great discount so it might be a question of it actually being genuine eSun
My experience seems to differ from the rest of the community. I've printed maybe 20kg of the stuff, and had consistent behaviour between different colours.

In general, I can say that:
  • it prefers higher cooling rates than other ABS filaments, otherwise it gets overheating artefacts
  • The matte surface finish looks great
  • prints quite easily
  • adheres to the bed well
Despite this, I've found its layer adhesion is terrible. I've dried the rolls, printed hot, printed cold, printed fast, printed slow, low fan, high fan, etc and consistently find it to just be brittle and have poor layer adhesion.

Normal print settings are 255/110 with a 65C chamber. Maybe someone else can jump in and comment on what works for them...
eSun ABS+ is nice to print in. I have found it to be a little easier than straight ABS.

The secret sauce in ABS+ is PLA.
I totally love the ABS+ matte black finish, but it definitely doesn't have the strength to hold up long term, at least from the prints that I have made with it. It goes down super well and doesn't warp at all. I love that aspect of the filament, but you can tell there are some tradeoffs with layer adhesion/strength. I print around 250-255/110 and a 50-60c chamber. I wouldn't hesitate to use it in a build, especially if you can't get other ABS to lay down properly.
I built some stuff with it a year ago and it hasn't failed. But I dumped the later spools I got because of layer adhesion problems and will never buy it again.

Did keep a partial black roll though because for toys and things the finish is super nice! World work great for skirts and stuff, but I dunno how you would match the color for the functional parts.
I just bought some black ABS+. I can say that it is easy to print in my V0.2. I use 260/105 C temperatures and it prints as easy as PLA, at 0.2 the laey lines are nearly invisible and the parts are very tough and will take abuse.

But,.. I don't think it is suitable for some Voron printer pparts. It woiuld be OK for skirts and pannel clips but the parts are FAR from rigin. ABS+ is very flexible for an ABS. I can bend some of them in my hands.

I get a very good layer adhesion at 260 C. My printer (V0.2 with Dragon hot end) is limited to 11.7 mm^3 per second. I think this matters a lot. At 260C and my relatively slow 11.7 speed, the new plastic will melt the layer under it.

I will be printing a V2.4-like printer soon. I have a set of V0.2 parts that Format printed using Phaetus ABS-GL. I think the ABS-GL and the ABS+ are polar opposites of what ABS can be. The ABS-GL is rigid and snaps in two it you apply enough force. ABS+ just bends more it if use more force.

Which is stronger? It depends on the application. I'd make a shipping case with ABS+ but I'd build a machanical part from ABS-GL.

The eSun ABS+ is a dead-flat black where as others might be glossy. That might matter to some people.
Like others said, ABS+ is a blend of abs and other things. I think it may have some petg in it.

-easy to print
-low warping if any
-beautiful mat black look when printed at the right temp

-layer adhesion strength
-lower heat deflection than pure abs
-requires more cooling when printing overhangs.

For me the inconsistency in quality and blends is why we stopped selling it. They have 2 factories, vietnam and china. They produce similar but not exactly the same abs+ from our experience.

Tldr: good for models but not for enclosed printer parts.