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Klipper config settings for LED RGB port on the Spider board


New member
Hello Voron Community,

maybe someone can give me a hint for the installation of LED chamber lighting for my Voron 2.4.

What is the correct entry in the printer.config in Klipper if I want to use the RGB pins on the spider 2.2 so that the LEDS are recognized?

Thank You in advance.2024-06-19_211437.jpg
I want to use a regular 12 V 4-pin RGB strip as this is lying around, but can´t find a way to pass the info to Klipper so that it is usable.
Nepixel 5V port might be the solution. That means buying the suitable LED strip whereas the regular 12v ais available for me right now.

according to the wiring diagram of the spider 2.2 it could, but I can`t find further instructions by Fysetc