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Mainsail und Makerbase MKS PI Board


Hallo liebe Community,

ich komme aus Berlin und hoffe es ist ok wenn ich auf Deutsch schreibe.
Ich bekomme das MKS PI Board nicht mit mainsail zu laufen.
Mit Pi Imager geschrieben , aber das Board startet nicht.

Wenn ich aber die MKS Software nehme geht es....
Ich habe alles umgeschrieben und vorbereitet (Fluidd gelöscht und mainsail instaliert) soweit das ich die Firmware auf das Octi Board spielen konnte.
ich kann leider nicht die Geräte ID abrufen...(ls /dev/serial/by-id/).
Da schmeißt er immer ein fehler.
Firmware auf dem Board wurde auf firmware.cur geändert und somit richtig aufgespielt.

Ich hoffe ich kann euch noch mehr dusslige Fragen stellen das ich den Voron doch noch zu laufen bekomme.

Why don't you want to use the MKS-Pi image provided by Makerbase?

When I used the image provided by Makerbase, it was very simple to replace my RPi in my Voron V2r4 printer.

I am assuming that you successfully flashed Klipper on your "board" (What "board" do you have, is it an Octopus?)

Assuming that you have an Octopus, did you connect connect the Octopus to the MKS-Pi with an USB-C cable?

Also, what is the error that you are encountering?

The more details that you provide will help people to assist you...

P.S. You might get more people to assist you here if you communicate in English...
P.P.S. If you can't communicate in English, please be aware that there is a German language group on the old Discord server called #landofschnitzel: https://discord.gg/voron
google translator......hi zozo, thanks for replying. Yesterday I had little time to write the first post. i bought the voron 2.4r2 direct from voron. i have the octopus v1.1 board. and a Makerbase MKS PI Board (https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005..._list.0.0.3d895c5fAgfFg7&gatewayAdapt=glo2deu).
i connected the pi with usb a to the octopus usb c.
the pi is then connected to the laptop via usb c.

I am now using the software (MKS) for the pi (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tTuSvF9OL2qtPXElau8YOXn2sWbdxa9e) I edit this with belena etcher.
then I do as follows :https://3dpandme.com/2022/09/16/tutorial-mks-pi-klipper-install/

and then so on: (https://docs.vorondesign.com/build/software/octopus_klipper.html).
I can't get any further from point 9.

You can confirm the flash was successful by running ls /dev/serial/by-id. If the flash was successful this should now show a clipper device similar to:

). After the voron was restarted (octopus software re-installed by card) I no longer have a connection with putty. and can therefore not display the serial number.

I hope I made that clear enough to understand.
info: i have to take the password for the pi with mks and makerbase. anything else doesn't work.
I'll try again today and take enough screenshots.
I just can't query the serial number...regardless of whether it's a com3 connection or an ip address.

the pi is connected to an extra 12v voltage and is always on.


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Possible problems with USB cable?
Can you post the output of 'dmesg | grep usb' and 'lsusb' ?
These may need to be run as root.
hi farganaz,

can you please tell me exactly how to do it?
not that I make a mistake and it doesn't work.

I'm trying a different USB cable now. pi usb to octopus usb-c.

I now connect to the pi and set the command:
ls /dev/serial/by-id/*
I managed to get the serial number.
now i follow the further instructions from voron and hope that everything else will work smoothly. thank you for your help . :)
hi, i have a problem now.
the folders in the config are gone since the update....printer.cfg


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hi farganaz,

can you please tell me exactly how to do it?
not that I make a mistake and it doesn't work.

I'm trying a different USB cable now. pi usb to octopus usb-c.

I now connect to the pi and set the command:
ls /dev/serial/by-i
Ya, I've had that problem also. I just soft linked (from the command line: ln -s <directory with your configuration files are really located> <directory where the application is looking for them>
In your case the config files are probably located in /home/pi/klipper_config. If there is already a /home/pi/config directory make sure it's empty and delete it before the soft linking command.

EDIT: From the Klipper forum: https://github.com/Arksine/moonraker/issues/516
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It might just be a transition issue, but you mentioned having bought stuff "from voron". I would caution you that Voron Design literally doesn't sell anything. I don't know who you bought from, but it wasn't "Voron"
Hi ,
I have set the voron so far (basic setting).
now i wanted to print a test cube. but I can't get any printing started. this error always comes up (Unknown command:"SDCARD_PRINT_FILE").
I worked with the super slicer.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong?

I really haven't found anything on the internet how to start a print or set the slicer correctly for klipper.
That sounds like you don't have the [virtual_sdcard] configured properly. Mainsail has some docs that may help