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Solved Setting the (Revo) hotend temp sometimes causes a powercycle


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Having an odd issue I wanted to see if others have experienced. Sometimes when either I or the printer sets the hotend temperature to start heating, it seems like the PSU goes into a failsafe restart. This happens whether or not the bed is being heated and doesn't matter if I set the temp via Octoprint, by starting a print, or via the V0 USB Display.

It kind of acts like it's detecting a power fault (short). At first I thought it was the screw-down pins on the SKR but now I'm thinking it might be related to the connector which connects the short cable from the Revo to the one that goes to the SKR. I noticed if I unclipped and reclipped it, things seemed to return to normal? I haven't had any failed prints once it started heating the hotend and a print starts and haven't spotted any sort of faults while printing.

I'm wondering if something is up with the Revo itself as well. I know there were some QC issues with them early on. Mine is only a few months old (always having been attached to the V0).
I'm getting a replacement which is great! But for now swapped to the DragonFly BMO that came with my V0 kit and have to say....I really like it! So much so I'm re-evaluting my hotend choice for my 2.4 build. I really miss the nickel/copper nozzle option and I know there's Obxidian but it reminds me a bit of the Nozzle-X and I found I prefered the print quality of a nickel/copper nozzle. The BMO came _with_ a nickel/copper nozzle so that has been a nice bonus.

Just adding a bit of a follow up for folks that run into this thread.