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Start Up Procedure (Not Heating)


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Voron 2.4
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I am working on reviving an old 2.4 that has been sitting on my shelf. I upgraded to TAP, and now when I try to print using the config file/start up procedure below it goes through the start up procedure but after the bed mesh, it states the hotend is not at the right temperature.

My Slicer just has the PRINT_START command, do I need to add a G-Code line?

What am I missing?

Voron 2.4 Config (Pastebin)
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Probably *SOMETHING* heating the hotend.
basically, based on what you've described, your slicer is
1. heating everything up
2. calling print start

Now, since tap cools the hotend down again, you need SOMETHING (3) to heat it up again.
The absolute bare minimum fix is probably just to go into your slicer start code and add an appropriate M109 after print start.
However, I'd strongly encourage you to use a more elegant fix, such as deploying Jontek's Better Print Start