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V2.4 TAP Z drive issue


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Guys please help. I have run a probe accuracy python script after installing TAP. and looks like I have a big issue with two corners? The one on 275, 275 is higher than others even though the cript did run QGL. The corner at 25,25 is biggest mistery. I have tried retightening all loop belts, retightened Z belts, retightened all grub screws, retightened gantry bolts (I use IGUS spherical bearing), made sure the belt clamps are tight. I did have some issues with auto Z etc before TAP as well but thought it might have been my old probe. Any other things I can check? Will it be fine if I will run it like this? Steppers are at 32 microsteps and 0.8A. I have also run the 100 samples of Probe accuracy like 5 times for it to set.


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Well, you are probing to compensate for deviation so I would say it should be fine. Are you having printing issues?
Actually I can't seem to make my first layer to work. Once the Z offset is like -0.86 where I can feel resistance on paper. After saving the value to config and restarting klipper during print it's so way off that nothing sticks to the bed. After re running the calibration tool the new value is -0.78 and same situation. I'm getting a bit frustrated
Start looking at things that might not be as obvious like marital hardness, color or material TAP was printed in.
Maybe you need to re-rack the Gantry?

have the same issue as you. Have you solved yours?

I tried many things too but cant find the answer. I remixed the MGN12 to use the double MGN9 rails. Maybe this is the root of the problem? Have you MGN12 installed so i can rule out the rails? BTW if u do a Probe_accuracy text is your z values rising too?
I‘ve had the same thing, where some corners have more variation than others. Look for something interfering with the vertical travel of the carriage. it could be the wire chain binding/scraping, or pressure from the the not-a-Bowden tube (and/or filament) pulling (typically laterally) on the top of the printhead (it doesn’t take much force to increase variation). it’s also sometimes been a challenge for me to get the rail to move up and down with absolutely no friction/stiction, so make sure your tap’s Z movement is as smooth and as possible.

All that said, I’m still not always happy with my results. But they’re usually good enough.