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Voron 2.4 No Extrusion


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Printer Model
Voron 2.4 R1 Formbot Kit
Extruder Type
Clockwork 1
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Hi there,

I have just finished building my Voron 2.1 R1, but I can't get it to extrude.

The extruder is pulling filament in, but then it seems to clog as it goes into the hotend. The hotend is 240 degrees, so I'm guessing it should be melting the filament when it gets that far, is that right?

Could there be something else that I've missed?

Thanks in advance!
Hello, there can be various reasons ... does filament make it through the extruder? When you remove hotend mount, does filament exit from extruder bottom? You should do this when doing rotation distance calibration.

Is the hotend free? When you push filament manually through heated hotend, does it extrude from nozzle? Is hotend properly assembled and hot-tightened? What hotend is it?

Did you put piece of PTFE between extruder and hotend?

And finally, what speed you extrude at? Default Mainsail extruder move is at 10 mm/s - which is flowrate of around 24 mm3/s. That's on the border of high-flow hotend capabilities, your standard flow hotend has no chance. Lower the speed to 2 mm/s and try again.