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General Disclaimer

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Voron Forum Rules

  1. Be excellent to each other.
  2. Please do not post anything which is inappropriate in a business setting. This includes, but is not limited to, profanity, sexual, sexualized or illicit content, hateful, threatening, provocative or vulgar content, links and websites and discussion encouraging the use of piracy or warez distributions, or any otherwise illegal content. Please do not attempt to circumvent any censoring options we have set up.
  3. Personal attacks, aggressive messages, and passive-aggressive behavior is unacceptable. If you take particular issue with another user and are unable to reply in a civilised and constructive way to their posts, you should ignore the user and report them.
  4. No doxing. No posting links to other members' social media profiles or posts if they haven't already posted the same. Personal information and private discussions may not be posted unless it’s clear that all parties involved have consented.
  5. If you feel another user is attacking or being aggressive towards you, report their message to staff. Do not respond publicly. This simply continues the back and forth that derails topics and makes them uncomfortable for other users. If someone attacks you and you respond with an attack, you will be warned regardless of who started it.
  6. No discussions about printing firearms or other forms of “weaponry”. Cosplay props or obvious toys such as nerf blasters are permissible.
  7. Do not bump threads unless you have something else to add to the discussion. Related to this, resources should not be bumped with updates unless the update is legitimate. Updates for the primary purpose of bumping the resource will be removed. Additionally, replying to discussions which have been inactive for several months or longer should be avoided unless you have something of value to add.
  8. If you recommend a product or service and link to it with an affiliate code, you must disclose the affiliate relationship. Undisclosed affiliate links may be deleted without warning.
  9. No promotion of products or services will be permitted. Promotion of content is permitted in exactly one forum.
  10. If a moderator or staff member takes an action or posts a directive (for example, to stop with a particular topic), you must adhere to this. If you discover a directive only after you’ve posted a message that contravenes it, delete your post or it will be taken to be ignoring moderators.
  11. Each user may only have one account. If duplicate accounts are discovered, the duplicates may be banned.
  12. We do not support crowdfunding. Please do not advertise your crowdfunded project or pitch the project of another. The community here is not a piggy bank for raiding to fund someone's hopes, dreams, or get-rich-quick schemes. Group buys are permitted however organizers are expected to front the cost of purchases. Money should not be exchanged for the promise of a product at a later date. This is to protect the community from anyone attempting to collect money and then disappearing with it.
  13. There will be no discussion of active chamber heating. We do not support or condone adding additional heating elements to your printer. Please understand that this is a forum with a wide range of skill levels and knowledge, just because you think you can do it safely and know what you're doing does not mean the person following along can. Be safe. Do not burn your house down or anyone else's. Only you can prevent printer fires.