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mcu 'mcu': Unable to connect


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Hello, I started some time ago to build a Voron 2.4. Now I finished the wiring. Everything went well. Connection to the Pi, serial number from the octopus... Bed and extruder heating like described in video. During the Stepper Motor Test I realised, that the Z1 Motor and the Extruder Motor did not react. After changing the plug of the Z1 Motor to the Z socket the 1mm movement started. So I tried to disconnect and change the stepper drivers. Maybe there went something wrong. Now I can not connect from Moonraker to the klipper software. How can I check / fix this issue. Or did I damage something on the octopus board by removing the stepper driver. Th01_Klipper.JPGanks for any help. MainsailOS.JPG


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Seems like whatever you did should not affect connection moon raker. I would power the entire system off and power it back on.
During conversation with my colleague I assume that I destroyed the board. I lifted the stepper driver in powered mode. Maybe there was also a noise which I ignored. So I will order a new octopus board and try again.
The system I switched seberal times on / off. Also restart... Did not help.