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Bed front and back


Printer Model
Voron 2.4r2 (350x350x350)
Hi everyone, sorry for a noob question. Any idea which is the front and which is back for this bed?
One side has 5 holes and the other side has 4 (the side with 4 holes also have 2 holes near it on the left and right sides).
Tried looking at the documentation and cad models but these holes are not shown there so I am not even sure if I will ever need the extra ones but wanted to check in to make sure.

And here is the link to where I purchased the bed just in case if it will help
And I believe this is the original manufacturer of the bed.

Thank you.

Bed Image.jpg
That is a Mandala Roseworks bed. It has two sets of larger holes to fit both a V2 and a Trident. The smaller holes are for the ground wire and the thermal fuse as called out in the assembly manual.
Based on the compatibility with the Trident, this should be the front.


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    Bed Image.jpg
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