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brush for nozzle cleaning


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i was wondering if a brush will damage the nozzle?

i want to clean my nozzle, but it looks to me that the hard bronze hairs make scratches on the nozzle. and that is not good for the print i think.

am i right?, or does it not hurt the nozzle, or is there a better way to clean the nozzle before a print
I've been using a cheap Harbor Freight brass brush for over a year and a half on my "soft" Revo nozzles with basically zero effect. I wouldn't worry about it. I've done more damage scraping off blobs and ooze than the brush ever has.
I stopped using brass brushes long ago for the same reason (was really damaging my V6 nozzles). We don't know what the "brass" is made of.
I use toothbrushes. Many will wear (melt) pretty quicly, but got one a few months ago that works perfectly ; I have no material that require more than 250-260°. Currently a low quality, no name, toothbrush I got from the dollar shop months ago. Still like new.