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Building a Voron 2.4... Few questions


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So, I've managed to somehow blow another BTT SKR pico on my ender 3 pro from way back and i've kind of had enough and want to build a Voron 2.4.

I've got 5 rolls of Jayo abs that i was going to print it with but now thats potentially up in smoke... lol... Was wondering if there's anyone UK based would take the 5 rolls in exchange for printing the parts? (semi serious, as no doubt there'll be plenty of hate for the Jayo stuff.. :D)

Is there any suggestions for a Mainboard to use for the Voron that I may be able to user with the ender 3 to print my parts out? i've looked through a few options, but also wondering about the 48v ones... Would that be to increase speeds or something? it seems a little overkill when 24v made such a huge difference to the noise of the printer with the silent boards.

Also think i might go for one with the "Raspberry pi" built in, or at least the cpu to run mainsail and klipper on the same board

I keep looking at the kits and they all seem really expensive so I guess I'll be sourcing everything myself.. is there comparisons for the BEST AVAILABLE bits compared to the bits most kits come with? as in if the performance to price increase is worth it or not?
So I'll try to address a few things :)

1. Printed Parts / Sourcing Info
- There is a market place on the Voron Discord for exactly this purpose - #printed_part_thunderdome - you'll need to sign up for a role, but this may get you a bite.
- #brexited-gb is the regional channel, you'll find a lot of community sourced info (UK specific) in the pins as well as a generally nice bunch of Voron owners/builders if you fancy more engagement.

2. Kits vs Self sourcing

Self sourcing -
#brexited-gb collective sourcing guide / #brexited-gb sourcing list - aforementioned sourcing guides from the discord pins - its a bit dated.
panels can be ordered from
https://sledz.uk/ and https://onetwo3d.co.uk

Kits -
Tend to be better value as sourcing components individually can require ordering from multiple vendors and paying shipping.
Formbot seems to be the go-too budget version with their customs charges being surprisingly low.
LDO are far more premium with some mods and QOL improvements and custom parts.
Other kits are avaliable on Ali / chins from brands like Siboor, Fystec , and Blurolls (I'm probably missing some) but these seem less popular these days.

3. board recommendations
You'll struggle to find anything in the formfactor for an Ender3 and still capable of driving a 2.4 (aka nothing really exists unless you want to go multi mcu (i.e. 2x SKR's)
They will all Drive the Ender no problem, just fitting into the metal box is the problem.

48v, is only beneficial if you are running higher speeds, and most people wont need, it can make things quieter but 2209's in an enclosed 2.4 are already quieter than the stock electronics fans without stealthchop.

If you want to use a CM4 style module the MantaM8P board is suited for the 2.4 and trident.
The MantaM5P is great for a V0.2 and usable for a Trident IF using an active toolhead board (canbus / usb).
paired with a CM4 or CB1 are perfectly functional.

MKS SKIPR V1.0 - 7 outputs, just enough for the 2.4 and either of the others.

Fystec Spider King - not cheap (like $150+ with 2209 drivers)

The Catalyst is fine for a V0 but thats about the end of the list that I'm aware of.
Thanks for that... I'm used to reddit so wasn't expecting such a huge amount of info! I'll head over to the discord to have a look there... thanks again! 😁