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Can a AC SSR be used for DC


Can a AC SSR be used for DC power? I have a Omron G3NA-210B, Can I use it for my 60w 24v keenovo heater for my Voron 0.2?
Why do you need any type of ssr for a 60w 24v heater? Does your controller not have a bed heater port suitable for such a device?

But to answer your question: no. AC ssrs need an ac waveform to function
If you need an external module to control your DC heated bed, you need a MOSFET module.
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Do *NOT* use a SSR for DC. You will not be able to turn it off, and quickly get a thermal runaway.
SSRs are based on a triac or a pair thyristors. They continue to conduct until the current drops to zero (or close to). In other words until you turn the power off.
AC only !