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Can Bus UTC trouble flashing firmware using Stem32 Cube Programmer


Im in the middle of trying to get this Can Bus system installed on my 350 Trident. I got all my parts from West3D. They are unable to figure what the problem is. And I'm trying to get discords can bus depot to help as well.
Until then maybe someone could help me.
Im using the SB2209 board with the SB0000 and connected to the U2C. So far no issues with the SB2209 and the SB0000.
For the U2C im using this guide https://github.com/maz0r/klipper_canbus/blob/main/index.md#control-boards
When i test the network via the instructions on the U2C page it comes up ok.
But when i resume the Can Bus instruction's here https://github.com/maz0r/klipper_canbus/blob/main/toolhead/sb_can_v1.1.md
and do the commands
~/klippy-env/bin/python ~/klipper/scripts/canbus_query.py can0
~/CanBoot/scripts/flash_can.py -i can0 -q
It doesn't work. It says there is nothing there. Someone from West3d said the boards should already be flashed but it should be a good idea to flash it anyway. So i found the correct MCU (STM32G081) and downloaded the ST32 Cube Programmer. And i downloaded the corresponding .bin file for the STM32G081. A West3d was nice enough to make a video for me on how to flash the U2C and i followed along putting it in DFU and downloading the .bin onto the board but i keep getting errors.

Any suggestions on how i can get it to work? Thank you!
Im going to follow this, i got my canbus working without can boot but, i would like can boot for easier flashing the toolhead.
You seem to be stuck where i got stuck as well.
Buuut now that i am running without can boot i just thought of something, the canuuid is that hardware specific or does it change? Because if it does t change then you could try setup without can boot, get the uuid, and then go back and to start again and instead of using the command to see if the device is found skip that and see if it just works when you know the uuid?

I hope this makes sense, english second language
The UUID does not change.

I have not done CANbus in over a year but if I recall there were two different STM32 programs to try, one was CUBE and I forget but there might be a different software to try.