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Can not connect to MCU.

Printer Model
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
Had a bad 2209 driver. Replaced the bad BTT skr Mini E3 V2 with a BTT skr Mini E3 v3. Flashed the firmware several times came back firmware.cur everytime. Reinstalled Klipper. Getting same error. Please see attached files.


  • printer.cfg.txt
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  • klippy (3).log
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  • moonraker (1).log
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Can you show us your `make menuconfig` for the new board?

Did you update printer.cfg with the new board id? (And all the other changes for a v3)
I thought the printer.cfg was automatically updated with new id, but I updated it manually and now connects. The differences between the example example BTT skr Mini E3 v3 and my print.cfg is that the x and y endstops are 0 in the example and 250 in my print.cfg. I had 0 values but, but a user basically called me an idiot and said change the values to 250 a few weeks ago. When I try to home the y axis I get a No trigger on y after full movement error. The bed moves to the front of the printer and the y motor still runs. Then I get the error. I am using sensored homing. does the board come with jumpers installed on the x and Y axis. I can not get the cover removed without breaking it. I have been working on this printer for about six months. Had it homed a couple weeks ago, then BTT failed. I am ready to throw in the towel. printer.cfg attached.


  • printer.cfg.txt
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