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CANBUS problem MCU 'mcu' shutdown: Timer too close MKS Skipr and MKS THR 36

Hello, I am having problems with my Voron 2.4 printer. I detail the main components:
Board MKS Skipr
The MKS skipr is connected by canbus to the thr 36 and by usb to the host mcu
I use orcaslicer slicer

Prints longer than two hours return two types of errors: MCU 'mcu' shutdown: Timer too close or mcu 'mks_thr' shutdown: timer too close

Try the most possible solutions:
increase the CANBUS speed to 1000000 (I also tried with 250000 and 500000)
check voltage of my power supply
add more active cooling to my MKS Skipr
change file
Directly solder the CANBUS cables to the MKS SKIPR pins (I read that people had problems with the connector)

I changed all that but it still gives me the same error.

I leave my github where I uploaded both the klippy.log and my printer.cfg so you can see my configurations.
I also leave 2 photos that are the current configurations of my MKS Skirp and my THR36

According to what I could see in the log (I am not very clear about it by analyzing klipper logs) the btes_invalid parameter of both the mcu and the mks_thr increase throughout the printing until at one point it fails.

Any print less than 2 hours on any type of material comes out perfect.

I've already read a lot of forums and reddit posts and no solution works for me. If anyone has any advice, thank you very much.