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'cannot connect to moonraker' Siboor build


Built my first voron 2.4, 350mm build platform. Ordered a Siboor kit, with canbus. It took longer to assemble than I expected, but that was partly to do with other work commitments. I would work on it in my spare time. My previous 3D printers have all been delta machines built from all new parts and running either Marlin or Smoothieware. Just to be clear, I am not a programmer, and the only language I am fluent in is English. I learn from reading and trying to make sense of lines of code. Linux is a new language again, different to the arduino code I was use to deciphering when building my delta printers.

Not sure if other members are familiar with the Siboor kit, or if the problem I am experiencing is a generic problem. Basically, the touchscreen on my printer gives me an error (after booting up) 'cannot connect to moonraker'. The kit uses a BTT Pi board and touch screen. The firmware came preloaded on a SD card. I have only made changes on the firmware to suit my machine and to change any motor directions etc.

I am able to log into my printer with mainsail. Have gone through my calibrations checks, QGL, zeroing Z height, and saving this to the board. There were two crashes due to logic directions of A and B motors. Everything else seem to work fine. However, I am not able to use the touch screen. So I gather my problem is this moonraker issue. From the mainsail screen, there is no option to check for updates on Klipper or moonraker. I have read that other users have remedied this error by 'reinstalling the needed .conf files on the SD card. But I am unclear how to do this. I have had little luck finding the required files for my machine build. There was a link for an image file, but after clicking it, I get a message to say the file is no longer available.

I am not sure what files I need to upload here for members to view, so be kind and go slow for me. Thanks in advance ;)

Here's a pic of my screen...IMG_1312.jpg
I think you just need to do an update from mainsail. I am trying to do this from memory but I think if you go to machine or whatever the tap is that shows your files right at the top of the build numbers you should see what looks like refresh or something like that. Click it and it will look for updates for all the builds listed. Click the I understand the risks, bla, bla, bla and it should update.
Thanks for taking the time to read about my challenges.
I have looked for the option to update, but don't see any where that I can click to update.
Here's a snip of whats on my Mainsail screen...

I have also read that some users have clicked on available updates, only to discover they have bricked their main board and are unable to roll anything back to a previous update.
Yeah I don't see the update wheel. I think it would be in the header with System loads.
Does Sibor have specific setup for there printers? I think the CB1 has a specific way to setup WIFI. Here https://github.com/bigtreetech/CB1
Wait sorry, you are connected. maybe grab the moonraker log and klipper log files and attach them here.
I have the BTT Pi connecting to my wifi netowrk/internet. It has me stumped what I am doing wrong, or what script I need to add. I have done a google search, and have read how some users have reinstalled their files on a new SD card. I'd try that, but I don't have the raw image to put onto a new SD card. I have cloned it already, but if there is a problem with the actual file itself, then I will only emulate the same problem by installing the image onto a new SD card. And since this machine uses canbus, all the other image files i have looked at, don't have canbus setup, and I would not know where to begin to start adding the lines of code for canbus.

I have attached both the log files.

Again, I appreciate your help :)


  • klippy log.log
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  • moonraker log.log
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Okay. Seems I got it sorted (not on my own, but from the Siboor group.
They sent me a link, and told me that I needed to update the firmware in the MCU and CANbus. I also needed to change some script in my KlipperScreen.conf due to a mismatch.
Apparently there was a few incorrect lines in the moonraker file that was preloaded on the SD card that was shippped with the Siboor kit.
I was provided a link for the lines to copy and paste into my klipperscreen.conf. That remedied the issue.

Cannot take the credit for it. I just wanted to update my solution on this thread, just in case other builders experience the same problem.