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Can't open any .cfg files/parsing error


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voron 2.4r2 300mm
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I'm in the process of installing a nitehawk board and for some reason sometimes I can open and edit my .cfg files fine other times I have to click "save and restart" dozens of times before it'll actually do it. it'll say "unable to upload printer.cfg".

Then there's the parsing errors...

it'll say I have a parsing error on lines I haven't even touched, I need help desperately.

Thanks in advance


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Sounds a lot like the SD card is bad and it's having trouble reading it some times. Got another SD card to install the OS on and test?
Could also be network issues too I guess.
It seems that when I first boot the printer up I can get in and make changes but within 5-10 minutes it is back to doing the same thing again.
I cleared the storage out, It says I have 25+ gigs of free space. I actually got the sparcing error fixed so I'm good there.

It's still giving me issues on opening and saving .cfg files, sometimes it works as intended other times I either have to click save 50+ times or restart the whole printer to get it to let me into the files.

another issue that just popped up is now its not registering the tap probe. everything was working fine then the nozzle crashed into the bed, now tap is always open...
Strange... One mistake I've made (and haven't fixed yet) is that I installed FluiddOS on the actual Pi and not the SD card. That's why I asked.
Sorry if i missed this in earlier comments, but have you tried a different storage medium?