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Solved Chaotic lab CNC Tap not registering.


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Hello all,

Hope you people can help as I am really stuck and this is the final piece of puzzle to get my LDO Trident 300 working.
I have installed a Chaotic Lab CNC tap and connected it to the toolhead but there is no LED indicating it is working. Chaotic lab sent me a new one and I have connected it the tool head to check and the same has happened, Not LED. So now I am now thinking it could be something to do with either the wiring of the Z end stop or the Probe wiring on the Bigtreetech Octpus board. I am super confused on where I have gone, please help (T_T). I have attached a photo of the Octopus board.


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I assume you're connecting it to the toolhead PCB?

The thing is that the wiring may not be correct, and I had to switch the pins on the cable that came with the tap kit to match the pins on the PCB.