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Community Week at West3D


Summer time is a slow time of year for many 3D Printing stores, and in the last few weeks we’ve seen two shutter their doors. Let’s do something, **COMMUNITY WEEK** is active again at West3D, from 8/1-8/7 we are sharing the love. For orders over a certain value we will send you a gift card/code *AND* donate to a community organization to perpetuate good things (gifts sent after 8/8):
$200-399: $10 Gift Card;
$400-599: $20 Gift Card;
$600+: $40 Gift Card
Community Beneficiaries:
Tuesday- **Provok3d**
Wednesday - **Tensor3D**
Thursday - **XR Bunker**
Friday- **Mandala Roseworks**
Saturday - **MN LaserCutting**
Sunday- **DLLPDF**
Monday- **Thrive-3D**

**2% of revenues will be donated to the Voron Design Team**
All qualifying international orders will receive a gift card from either, PrintyPlease, DHM-Online or Alchemy3D to support our friends across the pond.
Thank you for supporting us at https://west3d.com 🇺🇸