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Hi. I've been following Voron for quite a bit of this year. I started to learn about it from Reddit. I understand the issues that have created conflict between the Moderators and Reddit management. Even so you can't deny the fact if the purpose if one of the goals of the Voron community is to grow, then Reddit can still be a valuable tool to help people discover and share information. Reddit is a very search friendly place to find information (a lot of what I learned there came from Googling). I'm just wondering why it is still in such a state of flux? Is it possible that rather than being closed it could be opened as read only and direct people to continue the discussion here (assuming that you don't want to just go back to having an open discussion)? The main website is still trying to send people to Reddit under the "community" menu and there are still a lot of links all around the web trying to send people back to https://www.reddit.com/r/vorondesign/ . I don't think it is great how Reddit handled their changes but it might not be worth throwing out the baby with the bathwater on that issue. Right now when you go to the VoronDesign reddit home, it urges people to head over to Discord, but if you want to learn there you are just drinking from a firehose because while the your have the information there in room, it isn't broken out into threads (Just more general room). That's amazing for engaging in coverstations, but not good for having nicely threaded content to browes and learn from. What are Voron Design's plans for dealing with Reddit going forward?
Reddit is a very search friendly place

Hard disagree.

Reddit fundamentally incentivizes NEW content, and is basically worthless for things like build threads, continuing prior subject-relevant discussions, etc. If it isn't new and trending, it will quickly fall to the bottom and be buried, never to be seen again. While it is true you can Google things and find fragments of information that were once posted on Reddit, what you see is only a very narrow time window, of whoever happened to have an opinion on something at that given time.

Adding the forum here was one of the best things the Voron team could have done. It's public, doesn't need an account to view, is searchable, has threads sorted by categories, allows ongoing subject-focused threads to thrive, allows in-line photos with posts, etc, etc.

The forum here is worth so much more than a subreddit... and if keeping Reddit closed causes more people to end up here, that's more than worth it IMHO. (y)
My point with being "search friendly" was mainly pointed at Google. Google would send me to Reddit when I started my journey into learning about Voron, and I found a lot of the content there interesting. That content is now in Limbo, and even though it was mostly fragments, it was still one of the easiest places for a beginner to start to discover a little more about Voron. Personally, I think it might be good for the community to try to preserve some of that content, but I guess if the decision is to pull the plug on all of that then maybe the main website should stop pointing to it. I'm in no way trying to diminish the value of the official forum, and perhaps it would be better to use Reddit as a funnel that feeds people over here. Also, I think without Reddit, there will be a lot less people learning about Voron in general, but maybe that is just based on my personal experience.

I'd like to just understand what the official position is, because it feels like forever since the subreddit was closed.
I agree with OP and also debated asking about Reddit over here but since it is still closed i kinda could guess the answer.
90% of (my) google searches ended up at reddit so i think it is still a viable source of information.
The Forum is a welcome addition next to Discord since i see them as two different types of media.

I also loved (daily) scrolling and seeing r/vorondesign just to see what others were doing with their Vorons without me searching any specific things.
Sometimes getting inspiration or ideas, sometimes commenting / asking about what i've seen.
The closest thing to that is currently a facebookgroup 'voroncorexy'...
I understand the reddit decision but my personal opinion is that closing r/vorondesign did more harm than good (to me).