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DSI display and CSI raspi-cam conflict?


I can't get this waveshare display to work with my v0 along with a raspi-cam? I have a suspicion it has to do with an I2c conflict or dtoverlay problem but I'm not smart enough to figure it out.

I had a larger waveshare display working with my v2 and a raspi-cam just fine.
When I enable the camera in raspi-config the screen stops working(stays black) and when I disable the camera the screen starts working again but the camera no longer functions.

I've attached my boot config for reference.


  • config.txt
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Not that I have encountered this issue, but what was the resolution? It would be good for future reference if someone else runs into it.
So in Bullseye, it mentions enabling "Legacy Camera module". Even turning this on didn't seem to help. I am running buster on my V2 pi and this was never an issue. With my V0 I'm on bullseye I was never able to turn on legacy camera support and still have my touchscreen operate correctly.

I ended up having to comment out all the camera_auto_detect=1 in the boot config so the camera module wouldn't load and ended up adding a start_x=1 in my boot config. I'm honestly not sure what the difference is between enabling the "Legacy camera" in raspi-config vs the start_x but it seemed to allow both to operate at the same time.
I think the problem is on the proprietary driver that Waveshare uses for this display, try to use open source one:
Remove the Waveshare dtoverlay and add this lines on your config.txt, reboot to see if it works.