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ebb36 fan output voltage question


Im building XOL V2 toolhead and I would like to use recommended Hotend fan ASB02505SHA-AY6B(5V) and for part cooling Delta BFB0412HHA-A (12V)
Im wondering how do I connect that to EBB36 Fan0 and Fan1 outputs. What Voltages for the Fan output even EBB36 supports
Im lost a little bit here if I would like to stick with these two above fans that are supposedly the best performing fans you can get.
any input greatly apreciated
Im gonna try to run the 5V of the RGB LED port to supply all my 5V fans and still use the grounding pins on Fan 0 and Fan 1 outputs.
It looks like the power modulation happens on the grounding circuit so that will work just fine
I am using an EBB42 on my build, I just recently went through adding a 5v fan. I am not sure where you would get 12v assuming your VIN to the EBB36 board is 24v. Maybe there is an inline buck converter or similar you can get.

The 5v fan I used was the ASB0305HP-00CP4 5v 3007 Axial Fan. Initially, I put the red and black wire between the RGB pin and GND in the RGB headers, I verified it was giving 5v before doing this. The fan however would not spin, but I did hear some noise like it was trying too. I think it could not supply/was not meant to supply enough current.

What ended up working for me, was putting the red and black wire to 5v and ground, and then the PWM signal to the rgb pin. When I pulled the rgb pin high it ran the fan.

I saw the 5v fan you are using does not have PWM so this would likely not work. Just thought I would give my experience with 5v fans and an EBB board.