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Fuzzy an non-solid printing


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Hey there, folks! I'm pretty new to all this, and still testing stuff out. Recently built my Voron 2.4 300 (and am working on a build log video which I'll post in the appropriate channel later) and have already gotten some fine prints out of it, but as I try to fine tune settings I occasionally stumble on an issue as seen in the attached images. I'm using PrusaSlicer 2.6.0 for my slicing and have been iterating on my profiles there, making changes, testing results, revering where I end up reducing print quality noticeably.

As you can see, it seems that the prints are being made in the right places and shapes, but the output isn't quite solid, sometimes leading to mostly air, sometimes just leaving little gaps in the output piece.

I've been adjusting print speeds, mostly lowering them to see if I can improve quality for smaller and more intricate pieces, and also testing out settings for retraction (to help smooth out the output pieces and reduce stringing) and cooling settings (most common issue I had early on was pieces curling up and coming off the build plate, and as I resolved that I began to see more drooping on overhangs).

I'm not expecting some miracle one step solution here, but I'd be happy to hear some suggestions on what I should try and what might have worked for others with the same kind of issue.

Alternatively, if you have PrusaSlicer profiles you are using to print on a Voron 2.4 300, I'd be curious to see what settings people are using as those can give me ideas on what to try and tweak.


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That is not just a little messed up, that is what I like to call Super F'ed!.
1. Clog pull the toolhead and make sure the path is clear, replace nozzle and make sure filament can run smooth from the spool.
2. Under extrusion, make sure your steps are configured correctly.
3. Slicer profile. Are you sure you are not using a .4 nozzle with a .6 profile in your slicer? Just try a different slicer to see if anything changes.
After posting I tested adjusting extrusion width and was seeing some improvement. Then I went about discussing the settings with a friend who has a Voron as well, and began tinkering with options based on his observations too. As you can see in one of the attached images I was making some progress.

It seems to me that the answer was probably a combination of points 1 and 2, and I began to see improvement as I tested options. I had a bad clog situation, possibly due to misunderstanding the extrusion width settings in PrusaSlicer, and while troubleshooting that I wound up disassembling the toolhead and breaking the hot end fan (which I damaged during initial installation, broke off the wires and had to solder them back on). I'll wait for a spare fan to arrive and hopefully get back to iterating on settings after that.

The key observation that messed me up was the fact that if you input percentage values for extrusion width in PrusaSlicer, it calculates that percentage against the layer height, not the default width given in that same section of settings. So instead of basing the percentage on a default value of 0,44 mm, it was based on a layer height of 0,10 mm. You can probably see how that might cause the walls of a print to be too thin! :)


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