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Solved Galileo 2 loses it's grip on filament (it actually does not; I was wrong)


Finally testing my new build (from LDO kit) today. Initially seemed to be working perfectly, but if I put tension on the incoming filament with my fingers, it pulls really strongly for ~50-80mm then it starts slipping.

Is this what happens when the stepper is installed "a tooth off", as the assembly guide warned me about? Everything felt fine after that step - I could feel the "step" resistance of the stepper magnets when I turned the shaft, but no binding or change in resistance as I rotated the shaft.

If it's not that - any ideas what could make it periodically slip?
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Should not be able to slip. has the 115 bearing on the other side for one side of the filament and the drive side it forced through the motor drive gear with the filament drive teeth on it. only thin I can think of is if the drive gear was not seated correctly when installed and locked up and the filament is riding out of the groove of the extruder drive.... or not enough tension on the tensioner spring perhaps? How did you tension up the tensioner screw?
I ballparked the tension, just tightened it until it had a solid grip on the filament, but the the grip periodically loosens.
In terms of the period of the loosening, it seems longer than the diameter of the bearing. I guess I need to take it apart and see if there are any clues.
Well I'm not sure what the problem is, but it is NOT Galileo. I took the hotend off and Galileo pulls filament for miles. Maybe it was my uncalibrated fingers (I thought I was maintaining tension but no longer felt it pulling) or something odd with my dragon hot end.

Anyway, I owe Galileo 2 an apology - it seems to be working perfectly!

Update: I misread the instructions for the length of the PTFE tube between Galileo and the hotend, and was maybe 20cm short. I'm not sure if that explains what I was running into...but it certainly didn't help.
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