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Galileo mount for TAP

Hello similar to the post below I am looking the front mount for a Galileo extruder as referenced on page 9 of the TAP assembly manual. I have been searching for awhile with no success in finding such a design or files.

From page 9 of TAP assembly manual.
Tap replaces the X-carriage mount, and requires that the mounting screws come in from the front of the carriage
like CW2, not the back like CW1. There are mounts for LGX and Galileo available.

I too have a big "R" for an avatar, and need this file! Actually assuming the file can be tracked down, would it be Galileo 1 or 2 (or are they both mount-compatible with each other?)

Thanks in advance for any info, even if it is bad news.
would it be Galileo 1 or 2 (or are they both mount-compatible with each other?)

Which extruder do you have? Galileo 1 or 2?

For Galileo 2, I just printed the files from the galileo 2 github and it just worked with tap. (For reference, I am using Vitalii's CNC tap, but I think it would be the same for printed tap)
I think I just read the answer I needed, but can others confirm... The Voron Tap docs suggest the need to print a different part for Galileo... But I'm gathering from the posts here that the Galileo 2 design eliminated that need and is compatible with Stealthburner and Tap, as-is. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance.
@RocknRolla Answering here the question you made on the announcements section:

Galileo 2 is composed of two parts: the gearbox, which is common for all casing variants, and the case. For the latter you have G2SA (Galileo 2 Standalone, which functions like an Orbit or Sherpa-Mini extruder), G2Z (Galileo 2 Z-Drive for V2-like printers, including the Printer for Ants variants), and the G2E (Galileo 2 Extruder, which is a drop-in replacement for Clockwork 2, the standard extruder of the Stealthburner).

I hope that explains it for you.