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Question Gantry moves diagonally and rough in -X and -Y directions, but properly on +X and +Y directions


Printer Model
Voron 2.4
Extruder Type
Cooling Type
This is driving me nuts! Voron 2.4. Machine homes properly. Smooth in X, Y, and Z.


When telling it to move in -Y (-100) it runs rough and moves diagonally -50Y and +50X.
When telling it to move in -X (-100) it runs rough and moves +50Y and -50X


when telling it to move +Y or +X, the gantry moves smoothly the proper amount of distance.
Both +Z and -Z work properly. No problems.

What I *think* is happening:

My guess is one of the steppers (A or B not sure which) only will run in one direction.

Things I have tried:

Reversing direction - Does not home properly
Changing "interpolation" - Has no discernable effect
Changing "home direction" - Gives me errors and won't run

Any help would be appreciated. I checked the forum for similar issues and the only thing I found was a possible mechanical issue but mine appears mechanically correct.

Thank you,