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Got a Voron for my wife, best trade ever!


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Howdy All,

My name Shaun, and I'm a printerholic!

This is my second wife, Francine a self sourced 2.4 printed on an Ender 2 Pro. My hevort (Evil Betty) has been out of commsion and I lack space to work on both, so this took for ever to print, that and my CUD problem ensured it took longer and I have more spares than needed. Enought to build the next one, just don't tell the wife o_O.

I've been building up parts since 2022 and started building half way through last year, when I had time.

Anyway here she is, excuse the mess. Like I said, space issues. She did her first homing last night. I've done things slightly different, opting for alu panels over the typical coroboard and acrylic, I wanted to anodize them, and probably still will down the line when I eventually find bath's big enough to fit the panels in. But, for now the brushed alu look will have to suffice. If the SB looks a bit bigger than normal, it's the Orbiter 2 modded front housing for the Rapido UHF. Still a bit to do, and will end up reprinting a lot of the parts when she's done, but so far I'm happy.

The barbie doll to the left is my daughters, and I'm not allowed to touch it. Just fix it which I have been told must be done by the end of the weekend because she has stuff to print for her customers at school :-|

Any way. Hi!


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my CUD problem
Are you saying you have a problem with cannabis? I see no issues, it does slow time down, but makes it go fast as the same time. But I enjoy the challenge it provides me. I skated through life pretty effortlessly, but this provides enough challenge to keep me going.

I suffer the same ill-fate that you do; I enjoy the printers, almost more than the printing.