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Help troubleshooting MCU issue


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Hey all, long time Voron fan here, I just got my v0.2 built and running about a month ago and I've got a couple hundred hours of print time on the printer and it's been great and I absolutely love it. I am however getting an weird issue. I just recently started running some ASA filament through the printer cuz I have a bunch that I couldn't get working on my other large format printer. I started printing up the Blades of Chaos from God of War in parts to glue them together. I still have 3 more parts to print out, but now I'm getting a weird failure and need some assistance in troubleshooting it, or at least confirming my suspicions.

Within the last couple weeks I've been getting random shutdowns in the print where mainsail only says it lost communication with the mcu. It's always at different times or different parts of the print, so I know it's not an issue with the file. I've read a few troubleshooting steps online (reboot everything and change out the usb cable from the pi to the controller), and I've got a some replacement usb c cables on their way. But last night I was watching it closely as it was printed and I started noticing the temperature of the SKR Pico was steadily climbing. It peaked around 56 degrees Celcius before Mailsail reported it lost communication with the MCU. Is my SKR Pico just overheating and shutting down? I didn't pay much attention to the Pico's temps until now, so I'm not sure if it's actually running hotter than normal, or hotter than it should be.

Can someone help and confirm my suspicion about the SKR Pico overheating and shutting down? Also, is it not advisable to print ABS/ASA on the V0.2? Am I pushing the hardware to it's limit by trying to print at 260C on the hot end and 110C on the bed?
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Well a simple test would be to put a fan pointing at the Pico and see if the print finishes, that should tell you if it is overheating.

ASA on the V0 should be no problem at all.