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Question Hermit crab ( CAN ) by bq with a TAP system


Trying to find out if anyone has used the Hermit Crab CAN system With the TAP system, I might be me over thinking it or pipe dreaming about using the system.
the issue that I can see is the moving forward of the hot end nozzle, will this move the unit to far and cause the nozzle to be unstable or the magnets will not hold it in place?
To the use Hot end quick exchange system (hermit crab), the TAP system would have to be before the hermit crab CAN system. This would put more weight on the parts used in the Tap system.
can hope for bq to make a new backer plate that has a TAP system built into it, would limit the distance the nozzle would it set forward. LOL

I'm building a Voron 2.4 that I would like to use both systems on.
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I am building this tap+hermit, with closed loop on x,y,z, will tell you when it's done, and will share files if i have to draw any adapter plate
that would be great thankyou
close loop i was going to do that to, but that was a little too much for me to try to program the system. then when you looked at the screens and their locations that would all have to be move so i could get to them easy, and any change to that would mean new mounts......
would like to see how you solve those issues if i could

I wonder the same, gonna build a Legacy now with the tap and hermit crab can. Already have built a 2.4 and a switchwire ;)