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Homing sequence moving X and Y at the same time


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Printer Model
Voron 2.4
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Clockwork 1
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So I’m building my first Voron the 2.4 (Formbot kit).

Actually, it’s my first 3D printer ever, but I’m having fun 😂

So here’s the deal, up until yesterday, I’ve tun stepper buzz and adjusted the motors, ran homing sequences, QGL, PID and even bed mesh.

Today, my last task before the first print was to calibrate the extruder.

Before that, I decided to tidy up the wires on the bottom, because they were a bit of a mess.

So here’s the problem: I’m having issues with the tests that we’re doing ok until yesterday.

Stepper buzz on X or Y moves on both axis. Homing X or Y also move on both axis.

All Zs are ok (except for the homing sequence, of course, which I cannot run).

I don’t know what I could have done wrong. Can anyone shed some light on this problem.
Can you attach your current printer.cfg and any included configuration files? Stepper buzz moving two motors shouldn't happen.
Can you attach your current printer.cfg and any included configuration files? Stepper buzz moving two motors shouldn't happen.
Hot damn! People weren't joking when they told this forum was very helpful!

The fact that you asked me for the printer.cfg file snapped me out of tunnel vision.

Here I was, rerouting all motors, thinking that it could be some interference due to bad wire routing... and double checking printer.cfg made me realize I had changed rotation_distance for BOTH stepper_x and y instead of the extruder!

Restoring a backup with the correct value (40) fixed the homing issue.

Although stepper buzz still slightly moves both axis. Is it something to worry about?

Here's the configuration file, already with the fixes for X and Y axis.


  • printer.txt
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Well, the A and B motors are at least configured for different pins so it should be driving different steppers. You do appear to be using the BTT provided configuration file. Whose wiring diagram did you use? And which ports are your A and B motors connected to? Pictures are helpful.
Stepper buzz should only move the stepper back and forth slightly, just enough to see you have the motor set to the correct stepper.
Oh, I forgot one important thing. If you are doing stepper buzz on A or B, the toolhead will move diagonally since that’s how CoreXY works. So when doing the stepper buzz, look at the motors themselves and not the toolhead. Only one motor should be moving.