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How do you mount your ERCF + CP setup on an enclosed Switchwire (and switchwire clones)


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I'm looking for ways the whole setup can be "easily" mounted on an enclosed (ie the acrylic panel version) .. and I'm seeing pics of it being mounted on an "open" switchwire sort of diagonally on the horizontal beam .. at least this mounts the ERCF .. but not necessarily the spools from the carrot patch .. so I'm just wondering what folks have come up for mounts for this on their Switchwires.

Very much encouraging pics of their setup.

I'm mainly looking for ways of mounting it entirely on the printer (so it'd have to probably hook into the 4 screw holes on the top the spool holder normally sits in .. but yea .. kind of opening this up to just a gallery of people's setups to see how they overcame this :)