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How to connect timmit99 V0 Micro Display to a SKR Mini E3 V2?


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Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some help, as per title, I've got a V0 Micro Display designed by timmit99 but I can't seem to find any documentation on how to connect it to my V0.1 with the SKR Mini E3 V2, I'm running Mainsail.

Thanks in dvanced.


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So first of all, glad to see this board being used! Second, the board doesnt connect to your SKR Mini. The screen is its OWN control board with the STM32F042 on it =) As such, you would wire up a USB cable to the 4 pin XH header following the labels on the silkscreen and hook it up to your Raspberry Pi's USB ports.

Full Size Pi/other board with USB-A sockets:
If you have a board with a full size USB port, you will just need to cut a USB cable and crimp the wires inside it to JST XH socket that the board has. You need to make sure the USB cable has 4 wires inside, both power AND DATA. The easiest way I've found to guarantee this is to use a USB-B cable (shown below), the one with the squarish end usually used on printers and other devices. These are almost guaranteed to have all 4 wires unlike some Micro/Mini USB cables which are "charging only" and don't have the data wires.
Cut off the USB-B end and wire:
Red to VCC
Black to GND
White to D-
Green to D+

After plugging into the pi and Screen, you SHOULD see the board show up under LSUSB as "STM32 in DFU mode".

NOTE ABOUT Raspberry Pi Zero:
If you are using something like a Raspberry Pi Zero without a full size USB port you will need some kind of OTG adaptor/hub to work with the micro USB port it has. You CANNOT just wire up a micro USB cable to the disaply and plug it into the pi zero's micro usb port