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Inconsistent extrusion diagnostics


New member
Hello all.

Im working on a tool to better diagnose the cause of woodgrain patterns, or inconsistent extrusion.

These are based on the extruders movement, which we know the variables for. With some thought, we should be able to calculate when they should occur, for any given cause.
The patterns themselves present in regular waves on some test prints. We can measure these easily, and calculate volume of extruded plastic between repeats.

Simple? Well, my calculations have yet to match up perfectly with reality. The tool can be found here.

And i would appreciate anyone who thinks they have this problem, just providing some data.
If the calculator can be trusted, and is accurate enough to help others, i hope it can lead to cleaner walls for everyone.
Many thanks.
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that MirageC has done a really interesting video on this, you should take a look.
Indeed. He has, thank you for linking it here. His results seem to relate more to the larger wavelength repeats, which is something i have not worked upon much yet. The fix for that will likely always require replacing gears. But the main trouble, is i want to find a way to isolate layer time, against filament volume extruded, to be able to tell if this scale of repeat is PID related, or extruder related. It would be sad to replace a gearset at great expence, to then discover all you needed to do was PID tune your bed.