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Question Inconsistent nozzle offset issue


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2.4 R2 350mm
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Hello everyone,

I have been working on my 2.4 350mm since last October and have had it at 99% for the past several months. The issue I have been struggling with is a highly variable nozzle offset. Some important info about my printer is its running a canbus, klicky probe, and sex bolt. I have checked to make sure the probe is tight, all belts are properly tensioned, and everything on the frame is square/secured. When I attempt to start the print, the nozzle will either be: a few millimeters too low and crash, a few too high, and sometimes (maybe 30% of the time) be very close to perfect. Since I feel I have tinkered with just about everything, I am thinking it has to do with the canbus somehow? Perhaps the polling rate is not sufficient and information is being dropped thus making the measurement unreliable but I am really unsure. I can attach any system files for my printer if that would be helpful, but I am unsure of how useful they would be since my problem is highly variable. I remember reading somewhere that the klicky probe should NOT be wired to the canbus endstop for some reason (which I did) but cannot seem to find this source again. Would be incredibly grateful for any advice. Thank you!
AFAIK is better to wired the probe to the endstop on the canbus toolhead, not to the probe pin. Endstop pin have "better" hardware.
I use my canbus speed at 1.000.000.
Make sure you preheat to the same chamber temperature.
Auto Z helps.
Thermal compensation may help.
Titanium backers helps.
Make sure your bed screws are not too tight, except one.
Kinematic bed mount may help.
A corse first layer may help (Ellis guide recommend 2.4 mm)

I use almost all the "tools" above (except z thermal adjust, I didn't had time to make the measurements) to fix inconsistent first layer, and to be able to just slice and print. Next steps is to ditch mechanical probes and to install beacon probe.