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Solved Inductive Probe always Triggered - I Tried Everything?


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Quite a perplexing issue. I have run out of ideas as to why this is happening. Not a new build. I fixed a busted X endstop. Then my main board died. Stealthburner LEDs no longer worked and hotend fan was always on. Replaced Mainboard now I have this issue.

Current Status:
Everything works except Z Endstop and Probe are always triggered. Probe LED is on and when it is close to the bed it turns off as it should.

What I have tried:
  • Replaced BTT SKR Mini E3 v3.0 (due to failed board before / Plausible new board is bad)
  • Replaced Probe
  • Replaced Toolhead PCB
  • Continuity checked Probe Signal wire
  • Confirmed BAT5 Diode is working correctly with multi-meter
  • Checked if old Main Board has the same issue and it does
  • Loaded old working config and confirmed same issue
  • Double checked my printer.cfg settings
  • Can you simply bridge GND and PC2 on the Z-Stop to manually trigger the Probe and Z Endstop? That would allow me to determine if the issue is with the board / config or wiring
  • I noticed if I remove the Fan PCB from my 2-piece hartk1213 Toolhead Board the Probe looses power. Is this as intended or indicative of a wiring issue?


  • printer.cfg.zip
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Yes, it sounds like it is just ground and signal, you should be able to bridge them to check.

(PSU V-) GND wire was broken in the X axis Cable Chain.