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Question Input Shaping - am I doing it right?


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Trident 300mm
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Clockwork 2
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Can someone look at my attached input shaper results - been having some fun wiring a sensor up tonight and got my first measurements out of it. Seems that many are suggesting a lower resonant frequency for X (~50hz) but I'm getting over 70 - belts over-tight? I'm hitting just over 110hz when I strum them. I've de-racked as best I can (maybe not quite perfect - 1mm out on opposing corners) and I can't detect any skew in my test prints.

This is my first voron and first CoreXY printer, so I'd welcome a more experienced eye casting a glance in my direction and ask the appropriate questions


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Are you getting reliable measurements around 110 hz?
I have tried it many times, and was not able to hit it consistently. I was always ending up with to tight belts.

My method is driving the print head with high acceleration, while looking at the pullies. When the belt behaving like a car on snow, not getting the corner where it is supposed to, i tighten it up a bit.
You do not need much friction on that belts, the teeth will carry your movement.

Sorry for that bad explaination, english is not my native language.
Honestly, I didn't worry too much about getting it perfect - seeing a fairly consistent 110 - 120hz and figured that's good enough. I'm not seeing any issues with my prints so far. It was sat on the ground (carpeted floor) and I moved it into my garage today, where it will remain (hard worktop) and re-ran the measurements (attached). Just wondering if the measured resonances are typical of a trident, or if it's an indicator of a potential issue


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If your prints are running fine, and you are seeing any belt wear on your pullies, I would stick with that values.
Also, it is much more important, that your belts are tighten evenly, than the exact amount of torque.
Just check regularly for wear.

My x-value is slightly higher, than the y-value;
#*# shaper_type_x = mzv
#*# shaper_freq_x = 56.8
#*# shaper_type_y = 2hump_ei
#*# shaper_freq_y = 51.0
The exact values are hugely impacted by your frame resonances, which will vary from printer to printer, and one built to another.
Thanks - I've only had it running for a couple of weeks now. I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes