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Is Afterburner still the best bet for ERCF?


I'm stoked to swap out to a Stealthburner, but I'm also super interested in MMU style printing. Gotta extrude the multi-color-goodness.

How are things going with Stealthburner and an ERCF compatible toolhead? Should I just stick with Afterburner for a while? To be honest, I'm not in a huge rush, I just want to keep my finger on the pulse so that when the time is right I can make it happen :)

Thanks in advance!
CW2 has a mod for PC4-M6 bowden coupler in no_toolhead_sensor branch. Got it paired with Rapido HF, Stealthburner and ERCP with 3buffer windings. It easily handles max Rapido flowrate with 0.4 nozzle
Can't find toolhead parts (reverse bowden coupler mount) for Stealthburner with BTT EBB SB2209, as the BTT SB2209 also has it's own toolhead, andos, need to find a combo of both.