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Question Is result of manual_probe saved?


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PLA is not sticking at all to the textured PEI bed on V0.2 printer. It slides horizontally before even the second layer starts. But I look closely and it seems the first layer is too thick. But I just did the MANUAL_PROBE at the center of the bed, where the model will be printed.

But the gcode homes all three axes before printing. Could the home process erase the result from the manual probe?

So is the manual probe saved across Homming? Is it saved across power cycles? If it is saved, where does Klipper save it?

Bed is cleaned with 90% IPA and then left at 60C to dry for 10 minutes. Then printing PLA at 60/200 degrees with fan off for the firt few layers
The good news: Klipper is infinitely configurable!
The bad news: Klipper is infinitely configurable! 😁

You would have to specify which printer you have, and how you have it set up in terms of hardware. For example, on my v2.4, the z-endstop is used as an endstop (setting the distance between the nozzle tip and the bed)... but then the z-probe is used for gantry leveling and bed mesh as a RELATIVE offset to the z-endstop position at a specific X/Y coordinate. If I missed just one line in the Klipper config, then the z-probe would be used for the z-probe as an ABSOLUTE position reference, effectively overriding the z-endstop, even though the z-endstop was still used for homing.

Don't ask me how long it took to figure that one out. 😁
This is a brand-new V0.2. I just discovered the Klipper command "bed_screws_adjust". The screws do certainly have memory and keep their setting even if you power off the printer.
a "manual probe" isn't really anything in and of itself. it never HAS results to save.

you CAN use commands like "z_endstop_calibrate" to do calibration processes that absolutely are saved.