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Issues homing Z after quad gantry level


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Printer Model
Voron 2.4 350
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
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Started having issues with my printer. I finished doing a 26 hour print which worked great. I go to repeat the same file and this is when I started having issues. My start program does a G28 X,Y,Z the goes and does a Quad Gantry then I have it do a G28 Z, this is when the problem occurs, Z won't stop after trigger, using Tap by the way. I ended up breaking the SB mount, Checked for broken wires, I did find an iffy one on the tap light sensor, repaired and thought that was my problem. I get everything back together and same thing happens. Also Y axis won't zero out if at right front corner, needs to be 1/2 way then Y zeros no problem. I had the belts of and check to make sure all was free moving, slight tension on the wire chain but nothing to impede Y from Zeroing out. Printer has about 1,150 hours so far with a total of 411 jobs done. Up till now Printer has been working really well. Would upgrading Mainsail cause this issue? I did 2 or 3, 24+hour prints since upgrade.
Seems strange that Z works then it does not.
What MCU's are you using?

You can have your X and Y retract after homing. This can help if you are using sensorless homing to gain the speed to trigger.
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G1 X-30 F2200
I got things sorted out, I ended up using an older print.cfg file, seams to be working now. I am not using sensorless homing, still have the switches.