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Klipper for monster 8 v2 for trident

Good morning folks, I'm building a Voron Trident with a MKS Monster 8 V2 board and I can't find any firmware for Trident but if for 2.4, someone has one for Trident, or could you tell me how I can configure my Klipper for Trident. Thank you
Boa tarde colega, estou construindo a Trident com a Monster 8. Você conseguiu alguma coisa ? Estou na mesam situação.
I am trying to install Voron 2.4 with MKS Monster8 v2.0 and I am having some problems with the configuration.
can you help me if possible
Thank you
ivaninunes, These are my configuration files, download a pinout of the Monster 8 v2, the current of the LEDs, the positive one I get directly from the source that powers the Raspberry Pi and the negative one from the Raspberry in a GPIO.


  • myconfigtrident.zip
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ivaninunes, Esses são meus arquivos de configuração, baixe uma pinagem do Monster 8 v2, a corrente dos LEDs, a positiva eu pego direto da fonte que alimenta o Raspberry Pi e a negativa do Raspberry em um GPIO.
Obrigado colega !!! Caso Eu descubra algo de interessante tb estarei te repassando.