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Klipper HELP PLEASE!!! : ) I can't get the Canbus to show my GPIO for the thermostat..


New member
I have the Canbus 2209 RP 2040 working (finally) and I can't seem to figure out how to add multiple (or just what to do) in adding the thermistor to Klipper. goip27 is not where it is plugged in and in the directions, it shows where I have it plugged in (GPIO 8-11 just above the THO GPIO27 in the pic below). This is a Formbot kit and they have no idea how to add multiple Pins and or the format. Please help!!!

That port is attached to the MAX31865, which you *should* see a sample config for in the file BTT provides.
But we also need to clarify: what type of sensor are you using? That port is for PT100s and PT1000s, *not* conventional thermistors: if you have a normal NTC 100K or whatever, you need to plug it into the gpio27 port.