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Solved LDO Trident 300 unable to power on


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Printer Model
Voron Trident 300mm
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
Hi all,

I have followed the instructions on both Voron and LDO's pages and got to stand still as the printer will not power on. When I power in the power cable and switch it on, only the switch button light up. No other lights nor indicators show signs of power. I have tried many times and I am starting to believe that it could be a faulty PSU but I want to make sure in case I am doing something wrong.

Any help or even suggestions will be much appreciated.

P.S. excuse the messy cable management as I am trying to triage this issue then I will clean it all up :D
What is your mains voltage? 110-120 volts or 220 -240 volts?

Is there a little switch on the side of your PSU that is set to the wrong voltage?
Apologies I totally forgot about the photos.
additional information, I found that there is a faint blinking green LED light from PSU. Hope that is useful.
checking the official data sheet for this model
it does mention this

I don't see the voltage change switch at least in internet images or is hidden from view in images



it is somewhat like so in LRS 200 24 version of the power supply , underneath that yellow label.

Can you do a multimeter check to see if your power supply itself is working and you are getting 24V
CAUTION: be careful and hope you understand what you are doing when using a multimeter as shorting something may cause a fire hazard so be super careful when doing this and read.
refer the datasheet for your model to see where to check the 24V output and how to power the power supply from mains.
What's going on with your mains switch wiring? That doesn't look right at all. I would suggest disconnecting the 24V output from the PSU and see if the LED lights up steady green.