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LDO Voron Rev D kits are now Live at Fabreeko!


Voron Owner

Hey Guys!
LDO just released their latest revision for their Voron Kits! both trident and V2.4 are now being upgraded to Rev D.

What’s New in the Rev D Kit?​

  1. Leviathan Board: LDO has transitioned from the Octopus Board to the Leviathan Board. This new board features TMC 5160 drivers for the AB motors and supports up to 48V. Additionally, it includes an integrated Raspberry Pi mount for a cleaner and more organized setup.
  2. Nitehawk-SB Tool head board: Say goodbye to those cumbersome cable chains! The Nitehawk-SB Tool board is a USB CAN toolhead that makes your build process smoother and easier.
  3. Bondtech IDGA Extruder Gear: Precision is key, and with the new Bondtech IDGA extruder gear, you’ll get even better accuracy. Your prints will be top-notch, every single time.
  4. LDO Featured Printed Parts: LDO has included all of ther LDO specific printed parts with every kit to simplify the sourcing of printed parts for the user. these include Z endstops and other brackets specific for the ldo kit.
  5. Pre-Glued Magnet Sheet to Aluminum Plate: For added convenience, the kit now includes a magnetic sheet pre applied to the aluminum plate.
  6. Quality of life Upgrades

Preorders are now live at Fabreeko