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Micro, high-accuracy printers question.


I encountered someone that claimed to have access to some sort of Micro 3D Printer that could print accurately down to some specified um, which I don't recall. Are any of the Vorons or any other opensource/diy 3D Printers focused on printing small parts accurately? None of them that I've looked at made any such claims and they all seem to use the same basic components. At the time I did a quick search for micro 3D Printers, or whatever term it was that he used, and found some that were priced near or over $100,000. Could they be FDM Printers, or would they have to be powder based to get high accuracy, small parts?
FDM/FFF printers can get details just to a point, and that depends on the nozzle size. Also, you trade print time for print detail (the smaller the nozzle diameter, the longer a print takes to complete, and vice-versa), so for highly detailed prints it's usually better to go for other printing technologies, like SLS (for powder-based materials) or SLA (for resin-based materials).
I've been playing (fighting) with my V0.2 and a Revo 0.15 nozzle & thin layers (0.07-0.1). I can get really fine detail in most cases, but trying to manage temperature & cooling is tough. I also am struggling with controlling stringing--I'm using PLA for the moment. Getting that small really pushes the capabilities.