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Mini Stealthburner, Sequins, and Picobilical


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I have a set of the RGB sequins for the Mini SB on my new LDO V0.2 and am thinking about how to hook them up. I've found the community how-to for hooking them to the X endstop port and may end up doing that. But, it would be nice to be able to control them as RGB. So I'm looking at the frame PCB schematics from LDO's Github and it looks like the unused filament sensor port might be usable. It shows 3.3V, ground, and two signal pins. Since the X endstop route works and it has 3.3V that should be ok. The catch is the circuit shows a 10 ohm resistor instead of the 100 on the RGB ports. I'm thinking I might need to insert a 100 ohm resistor in the signal wire to make the colors come out right. Am I on the right path here, or is this a dumb idea? I'm still a total noob with electronics, so I really don't know if this would work or if I'd release any magic smoke and/or angry pixies trying this.

As for "losing" the use of the filament sensor there, I have the spec foot-mounted one installed and working.