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Neopixels interfering with X-Endstop


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I just added some neopixels to a VORON 0.1 (LDO kit) using an SKR Mini E3 V2. I defined the Neopixels in printer.cfg as directed. The lights work without issue. However, the X-endtop switch no longer works. QUERY_ENDSTOPS always reports it as open. The other endstops (Y and Z) are functioning properly. When I remove the wires from the Neopixel port on the SKR board the X-endstop then functions. Any thoughts or ideas as to what could be causing this? Thanks.

I forgot to mention that the X-Endstop is passing through an umbilical PCB kit.
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Found the solution if anyone's interested. If you are using a Rev. A umbilical board (like me) you need to swap the pins at the X-endstop. This is because of a shared ground between the neopixels and endstop. This was fixed with the Rev A.1 board. Many thanks to SchlongkyDong - V0.2143 on Discord. :)