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New Voron 2.4 build


New member
Hello there,
I looking to build a voron 2.4 300x300x300 and i am wondering whether i should buy a kit or source all the parts myself.
The thing is that i already have a bunch of items that can be used for the build and through some rough calculations i think i can save around 200$ if i use those, but i cant find any supplier that lets you remove stuff from a kit. Is there a supplier you know that will allow that? Or do i have to find and buy all parts that i need seperately?

I could try to ask a supplier. But then they have to put in the extra effort to make a special package just for you.
If you self source you probably will end up buying stuff from different shops, paying more in shipping then you save. And might take longer as certain items might be sold out. At least that is my experience with self sourcing.
I contacted some sellers and its actually doable but it ends up cutting much less than i expected. Anyways thanks for the reply